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Linear cutter with adjustable staple hights


  1. For tissue’s anatomisis transaction and resection of digestive tract reconstruction and multi-visceral resection surgery.
  2. The technology of 6 rows and 3D staples, to provide outstanding tissue sqeezing force and the best hemonstatic effect.
  3. Staple height can be adjusted, staple height is adjust according to the the thickness of tissue without replacing the staple holder.
  4. Proximal  pre-pressing device to ensure shape consistency.
  5. Ergonomics anti slip design makes instrument using is safe and comfortable.
  6. Two-way fire, easy to operate.
  7. Tissue space control structure makes batter staple shape from near end to far end.
  8. Staple holder unloaded protection makes the stapler can’t be  fired while the staple holder is unloaded.
  9. Titanium alloy staple bring better strength of extension about anastomotic.